Cruciate disease

This gorgeous old girl loves her laser therapy. Annie has only 3 legs and her remaining hind leg is suffering with cruciate disease and her elbows are struggling with taking all the weight! Yesterday i saw such a difference in her after only 2 sessions! She was weight bearing on her hind limb again, resulting in a less rounded back and a happier more comfortable patient.


Sciatica & vertebral degeneration

Andrea has been suffering with back pain for 13 years due to degeneration of verterbral discs and sciatica.

For the last couple of years she has had to use crutches to get around, which has hampered her life massively. She has been taking many pain relief medications and seeking help from private healthcare clkinincs which also have had a negative effect on her well-being.

Andrea decided to book in for therapeutic Class IV Laser Therapy and after only 3 session she is enjoying her life pain free and sleeping much better. She isn’t using her crutches or pain meds and she tells me she is a new woman and has referred her friends and family for treatment.